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Deploying a Server on cherryservers

Launched in 2001, cherryservers is a hosting provider that can provide VPS from different countries including Lithuania and Netherlands. It hosts a range of Servers from Dedicated to Virtual. And at a range of prices. 21 years in business makes it one of the longest running VPS hosting platforms around. Deploying a VPS on cherryservers is a very straight forward process.

Cherryservers is anonymous so you don’t have to provide any personal detail to get started only an email address. It accepts paypal, bitcoin, credit card and a few other payment methods. It also provides a Pay as you Go (PAYG) service so you don’t rack up a lot of unexpected costs. When your credit is gone, so is your server.

It should be noted that any VPS you spin up is subject to the laws of the country hosting it.

Set up

In order to start you need an account. The below Link is affiliated so to help pay for the support of this website. But this doesn’t effect my review. You can go direct to the site if you like.

To connect to the host you just need an ssh client like putty or any Modern Linux host will have it installed.

Offering On Choice

Cherry Servers offer a wide choice of Products including Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers. All of which can be charged by the hour, month or year. The longer the rental period the cheaper the cost overall.



Luckily for us, charging at an hourly level is very cheap and if you need something for longer then the service has other products of value. Cherry Servers even offer Customized Hardware, but that is way beyond the scope of this post.

Physical Server


Its worth mentioning that your VPS is subject to the “Free Traffic Package” which has a free tier limit of 1TB per month. If you go over this then its subject to cost. Which in June 2022 is about 5 cent per TB.

free network tier
Network Free Tier.

This is subject to change so best to check it for yourself.

Deploying A PAYG Server

So for this Blog lets spin up a Virtual server with 4 cores and 4 GB of RAM! Deploying a VPS is quite straight forward with Cherry Servers.

Select Region and Server type. So in this case I selected

  • Region: Lithuania
  • Server Type: Virtual Servers => Shared Resources
  • Pick a Server: Cloud VPS 4

“Virtual Servers” => “Shared Resources” => “Cloud VPS 4”

Region and Server Type
Cloud VPS 4

This vm has 4 cores, 4 GB of Ram and and 80GB ssd.

The OS I selected was Ubuntu 22.04 and Most Importantly if you are only spining up a server for a few hours that you are sure to select Hourly Billing.

Hourly Billing

Scroll all the way to the bottom and set up a ssh key.

set up the key!

Once done you can Deploy your VPS and in about 3 minutes you will be able to access the system.

Deployed VPS!

After deployment has completed the system is available over ssh.


You will need to use the key you set up earlier to access.

Clean Up

When finished be sure to delete your VPS to keep the costs down. Just powering off the system does not stop the costs from occurring.

delete the host

Wrap UP

Deploying a VPS on cherryservers is easy and if privacy is a concern, then getting set up with an account is also pretty straight forward without too much details. Cherry Servers is a very Secure and Private service that you can be comfortable using.

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