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PrePaid Anonymous VPS

There are many reasons to chose a Prepaid Anonymous VPS ( Virtual Private Servers). For one you are limited to the funds you deposit so unlike AWS, GCS or Azure your costs cant explode due to forgotten Powered on or Powered off Servers. Then there is a privacy. For what ever reason, be it your location or your paranoia you should always be intituled to your privacy.

In This blog post I will cover some of the most popular ones and what my experience was like in using them.


There is some basic Criteria to make it onto this list,

  • Anonymity – The server must allow for Anonymity with account creation and no documents required. Although an email is a must have.
  • Cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrency must be a method to pay for the service. Othere ways can also be included.
  • Pay As You Go – The service must run on credits so your systems only run while you have credits. This stops you running up crazy cost.

VPS Hosting Providers

These are all prepaid Anonymous VPS (Virtual Private Servers) providers and the only detail you are required to provide is an email. You could use a temporary email address but I would recommend to at least use an email that you can access later on, some of the services require email verification and if you need to reset a password, then itj’s a must. It’s also worth mentioning that any Virtual Machine that you spin up, will be subject to the laws of the countries that they are located.


Launched in 2017 Bitlaunch is one of the most Popular Anonymous VPS hosting providers in the world. It claims to promotes Anonymity and Privacy above all. Also they take many payment methods including various cryptocurrencies. They also offer hourly payment charges and use a prepaid Method.

Choice of Services

Bitlaunch has a lot of Servers and apps on offer. It has its own native deployments and some from other Cloud vendors that don’t do Anonymity. When you use one of these, for example DigitalOcean, Vultr or Linode, then Bitlaunch wraps them up in Anonymity for you.

BitLaunch Services

Bitlaunch also has a wide range of apps that can be used. From LEMP, WordPress and OpenVPN. The choice of apps expands a lot when you choose from one the other hosting providers within BitLaunch.

Apart from Linux, Windows is also offered at hourly billing but they have a “Bring your own Licence” model.

User Experience

The User Experience was very positive for Bitlaunch. I tested out the support by reaching out on the live chat on the home page and got a human to respond in around a minute or so. The interface was also very easy to use. I attempted to deploy some virtual machines without reading any of the documents and successfully managed to deploy a system in a few minutes. Too many Cloud services have so much on offer that it can come confusing to do the simple stuff.

Deploying a VM

Deploying a virtual Machine was very straight forward and was obvious on how to do it. Pricing was also very clear.

You can read my extensive guide on how to deploy a VM on BitLaunch


Billing: Per HourMinimum Depost: $20
Regions: A wide variety of regions are available if just using the native bitluanch but if you choose one of the other providers then many more countries are available. Email Verification required.
Support: I contacted support on their live chat and in about a minute I got a reply. Bring your own Licence for Windows
Large Range of apps

Getting Started with BitLaunch

If you would like to try BitLaunch, click on the link below. The below Link is affiliated so to help pay for the support of this website. But this doesn’t effect my review. So feel free to jump to the site directly.


Running for over 20 years, Cherry Servers is a hosting provider that can provide VPS from two different countries, Lithuania and Netherlands. It hosts a range of Servers from Dedicated to Virtual. And at a range of prices.

Choice of Services

Althought not as many servers on offer as BitLaunch Cherry Servers will have most of what customers needs. Dedicated servers to shared Virtual machines are on offer. Which can be used for Storage servers or just Linux Virtual Machines.

When it comes to Operating Systems there is a wide verity of choice. From Linux to Windows. Although Windows is only available on Dedicated Servers which is more expensive.

OS on offer

There are also two regions available. Lithuania and The Netherlands


User Experience

The User interface is good, it doesn’t clutter up the page with lots of confusing services that are hard to navigate. I was able to spin up a Linux Virtual machine in a very timely manner without reading the documentation. Reading the docs give you a insight to how to get the very best from the service but I think to be able to just jump and spin up a VM makes the platform more attractive.

Deploying a VM

Deploying a Virtual Machine on Cherry Servers is quite straight forward and didn’t require much of a challenge to do. Take a look at my separate article on how to deploy a Linux server on cherry servers.

Lucky for us, charging also can be done at an hourly level. Cheerservers even offer Customized Hardware, but that is way beyond the scope of this post.

Deploying A VPS


Minimum Depost: $5Regions: Only Two available.
Support: Excellent Live chat support. I contacted them and was answered in less than a minute. For windows, Dedicated Servers only and no hourly billing
Billing: Per Hour
Well Established Company with 20 years of experience in the industry.

Getting Started with Cherry Servers

In order to start you need an account. The below Link is affiliated so to help pay for the support of this website. But this doesn’t effect my review. So feel free to jump to the site directly.

Final Verdict

Both Bitlaunch and Cherry Servers are great service and each have their positives and negatives. Like all things, the choice is down to what you need. If you need Anonymity and Privacy then both have you covered. However if you are using these services for running your business website I would go with Cherry Servers as they have been around longer. Cherry Servers also has a lower entry point of around $5 for credit while Bitlaunch has a minimum of $20. If you need lots of choice of apps, including VPN then Bitlaunch has the largest offering.

You cant really go wrong with any of the services on this this. It just depends on what you need.

Wrap Up

When finished be sure to delete the VPS to keep the costs down. Just powering off the system does not stop the costs from occurring.

If you have any comments or suggestions on other vps services I should review, please add them below.

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